alphaThis is our new digital manual - it's a work in progress.

Service patterns

Service patterns describes common behaviour as users use our services. They might want to check information, apply for something or book an event. But many of our services are implemented differently and offer users inconsistent experiences. If we understand the common patterns of behaviour, we can build services that feel consistent as users go from one service to another.

We have identified 7 patterns. These have been broken down into smaller scenarios. These describe the different things users are trying to do within each pattern.

For example for the ‘check something’ pattern, we identified:

  • check before you apply
  • check my nearest or most relevant
  • check to understand something

Find out more about our work by reading our blog.

When to use this toolkit

This toolkit helps design teams, tech services and service areas to easily use the patterns library to design and implement improved experience at scale.

The toolkit will:

  • act as a guide for teams to use
  • help services think about the ways their users interact with them
  • help teams to understand how experiences can be designed
  • support and guide people on how patterns are relevant for their service

How to use this toolkit

To get the most from the library follow these steps in this order:

  1. Identify service patterns
  2. Map the ‘as is’ service
  3. Identify insights and design opportunities
  4. Create a prototype
  5. Test the prototype