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About our team

The Service Transformation team finds simple solutions for complex problems.

We help other teams in Essex County Council by:

  • designing ways of working and processes
  • engaging with service users
  • helping to develop skills/knowledge
  • building digital solutions

We never assume up front what the solution will be, but we work with you to help you find it.

So far, we have worked with ECC colleagues on projects like:

  • Working with council leaders to plan for post-coronavirus recovery
  • Helping the council think about new ways of working
  • Building the coronavirus hub in 4 days
  • Creating a prototype Wellbeing Directory to help with coronavirus response
  • Re-designing the process for registering deaths
  • Helping with food and medicine distribution as part of coronavirus response
  • Building and adding to the website
  • Training colleagues around the council in accessibility awareness

Those are just a few examples. Read more about work we’ve done, and how we can help.

Read our blog for news updates. Contact us to set up a chat about your needs.


Delivery Management creates an environment for success by facilitating the team in their work, unblocking issues and owning the agile delivery process.

Product Management takes the insights from User Research and Service Design and using agile and the lean start-up ‘learn – build – measure’ processes works with a small multi-disciplinary team to build prototypes and minimal viable products.

User Research focuses on understanding user behaviours, needs and motivations and represents the voice of the user in design decisions.

Service Design focuses on users and their goals and how they interact with the organisation, to improve the user experience and make services better, faster and cheaper for everyone.

Product Design focuses on the design of digital touchpoints for users that enable them to interact with a service and includes our approach to managing the lifecycle of digital products.

Organisation Design focuses on the design of structures and teams, creating alignment or fit between the strategy of the organisation and the work that it delivers.

Content Design creates easily understandable and findable information that serves an identified user need in the most appropriate format. It is not just about writing text​.

Business Design focuses on identifying and recognising business needs and finding solutions to various business problems.

Continuous Improvement focuses on identifying and implementing measurable improvements based on small changes that are typically inexpensive to implement and drive value and efficiencies.